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Unboxing sustainable planet since 2016

Tegatai experts conducted a thorough study on the Indian market especially manufacturing industries like Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Telecom, Medical, etc., and understand that there is a big gap between demand and supply of well-optimized, well-designed transport packaging solutions to protect customers’ valuable components in transportation and storage.

Indian Market is the fastest growing market in terms of "Make in India" to manufacture in India and supply not only within India but also globally. To complete the Supply chain system for these supplies, we need a good partner of Complete Packaging Solution to design, develop and supply the best packaging.

And after understanding this important requirement of the industry, we established a Complete Packaging Solution one-stop shop "Tegatai Packaging India Pvt Limited" to provide the best support and to work as a packaging partner to reduce damage, cost & improve optimization as well as quality.

Japanese were recognized for their quality and commitment and "Tegatai” – “手堅い” is a unique word picked from the Japanese language which means Firm, Secure, Steady, and Solid. These meanings were representing our packaging solutions which are well enough to provide solid and firm protective packaging to keep your valuable component secure and steady in transit.

Engineers at Tegatai can customize designs with the help of specialized software and expertise in the area. This will minimize the damage to products and will reduce overall costs. When developing an optimal packaging solution, Tegatai specialists take into account such important aspects as packaging material, product properties, sensitivity to handling methods of goods, and transportation mode.

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