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What We Do

As a team of packaging experts, we provide support and guidance to automotive OEMs and T1 component manufacturers in their packaging and Supply chain Systems, for example;

  • Cost reduction in existing packaging as well as logistics by providing a well-optimized packaging solution. Part to pack and pack to truck optimization by redesigning of packaging solution.
  • Redesign of existing packaging to eliminate product damage issues occurring in the current packaging and handling process.
  • Developmental and implementation of returnable packaging solutions to eliminate the use of expendable packaging for the reduction of Packaging waste and promote sustainability in the supply chain.
  • Providing packaging awareness training program on “returnable packaging in the automotive sector”. This helps purchase, sourcing, the New Product Development team, and SCM professionals to understand how to take an approach towards packaging change activities.
  • Join different professional platforms to create packaging awareness within the industry using conferences, training, lectures, workshop, case study, etc.
  • Design and development of optimized packaging for New products or upcoming products.

Project development phases

*Cost Quality Sustainability

Tegatai Delivers Value


  • Operational excellence
  • Maximise cubic utilisation
  • Improve quality & eliminate risk
  • Product development
  • Integration & standardisation
  • Lowest cost supply chain solution


  • Reduce product damage
  • Reduce potential Contamination
  • Packaging testing
  • Improve operator ergonomics & error proofing


  • Reduce packaging waste and disposal
  • Eliminate fumigation
  • Reduce inventory Pipeline
  • End to end one touch supply chain


  • Supply chain
  • Packaging management systems
  • Supply Chain analysis, six sigma ,black belt tools
  • Packaging engineers
  • VA/VE process
  • PFEP compilation & audit