Design as a Service

Design as a Service gives you access to our expert team of packaging designers with the technical skills and material knowledge necessary to both protect your products and delight your customers. The end result is a design that is right for your product, your supply chain, your customer and your budget.

Reasons you could benefit from Design as a service (DaaS)

  • Reduce freight costs
  • Increase space utilization in supply chain
  • Decrease high product failure rates due to poor quality packaging
  • Improve pack out times
  • Create a better customer/out of box experience
  • Lacking internal packaging designers
  • Internal team over-capacity
  • Need to explore new ideas and have access to more innovative solutions
  • Have urgent need to add capacity to meet a tight deadline

  • Use materials that have a higher recyclability
  • Create volume efficiency designing with less
  • Use responsible RM sourcing
  • Eliminate or reduce unfavourable packaging materials
  • Improve CO2 footprint

Principles of Sustainable Packaging Design our packaging experts follow:

Optimum packaging diagram

Optimum packaging diagram to eliminate over packing, avoid under packing and achieve optimum packaging target for any project. Balance between packaging cost due to over packing, product damage due to under packing and optimum packaging.

          Factors influenced by Packaging Design: